Colors By Design

Our History and Our Promise:

As a local company, we demonstrate nothing but the finest results in our trade. Neatness, cleanliness, precision and courtesy are what enable our company to thrive as it does. We have the knowledge that people desire, from our expertise on proper paint to color schemes. And we have the creativity to offer a unique way to achieve the ultimate and perfect results that you, our customer, are looking to achieve.

With over 18 years of experience, we know how to give you what you want.

We also encourage our customers to be an active part of the process from commencement to completion.

No customer will ever be unhappy with our work.

That’s our promise to YOU!

About the Owners

Born in NJ, Mike and Eric grew up there and met while in high school. They were good friends who ended up working together in a very busy local paint store. Mike had also worked in another paint store as well. They both became well versed on paints and quite knowledgeable about everything that encompasses the paint industry. Because of this knowledge and their presentation of information, all the customers requested them to paint. They stated that ‘we don’t paint, we sell and educate’. But after several requests, they looked at one another and said ‘why not?’  That was back in 2001.


This is where their story begins. From establishing a thriving business, moving to FL, raising their families, and acquiring another business, they have proven that hard work, tenacity, focus, never giving up and being the kind of business they themselves would hire is the way to go. From that point on, they’ve never looked back.


They even have their wives as an intricate part of the business as well.  It’s definitely keeping it in the family. Mike and Eric both have their respective wives working in the company as well. Mike is married to Danielle and has three beautiful children: Nicolette, Giavonna and Michael. They also enjoy many animals. Eric is married to Stefanie and they have two beautiful daughters: Ella and Zoe. They enjoy their animals as well.


Port St. Lucie, FL

(772) 834-5102